The story

Savita Bhabhi is a housewife in Delhi. She is recently married but her husband died in an accident just weeks after her marriage leaving her to take care of her two devars. The insurance company refuses to pay out saying her husbands death is a possible suicide. Her parents and her husbands parents are both dead so the responsibility of her two young devars falls on her shoulders. She tries to ask her boss for a salary advance at work, but he gets fresh with her and when she rejects his advances, he makes up an excuse and fires her. So Savita is now left with no husband, no money, no job and two devars to take care of. Thats when she decides she needs to rise up to the occasion and become Savita Bhabhi.

With the help of the neighbourhood grocer, who was in love with her in thier youth, she opens a small store. With pluck and great business skills she manages to make that store very successful in the neighbourhood and finally manages to get her family out of poverty. However some local thugs start harassing her for "hafta" which she refuses to pay.

Will she, as a single woman be able to fight against this latest attack on her by society. Or will she succumb to it? Find out in "Savita Bhabhi" the movie - A story of one woman's fight against society.

Rated : General Audiences

The characters

Savita Bhabhi - A young widow who is fighting against society to bring up her two young devars out of poverty after the death of her husband.

Rakesh Mehra - Savita's Husband. He was downsized at the the IT firm he was working for, when the client company decided to move all jobs back to America due to the recession there.

Chintu - Rakesh's youngest brother. He is in school, loves flying kites and playing marbles. He is also Savita's favorite devar.

Bablu - The middle brother. Bablu lives for only one thing - cricket. His dream is to grow up to be a famous Indian Premier League cricketer and earn enough money so his bhabhi does not have to work so hard anymore.

Lokesh Bhai - Savita's ex boss. He is a lecherous character who lusts after all women in his office. He has always had the hots for Savita but has been afraid to make a move since she is married.

Raj Devgan - The neighbourhood grocer. He has been in love with Savita ever since they were kids, but never had the courage to share his feelings. He could not ask for her hand in marriage since he was only a simple grocer, and Savita's parents preferred to marry her off to an IT employee working for a multinational company.

Munna - The neighbourhood thug. He and his gang have been harrasing the people of Brindavan colony for a while. When Savita's new store starts doing well, they want her to start paying 'hafta' to them too or face the consequences.

The making

Director - Why did I want to make Savita Bhabhi - the movie. Firstly I was appalled that the name "Savita Bhabhi" was now being used for derogatory purposes and I wanted to get the respect back to the name. So I decided to make a movie that would portray a woman called "Savita Bhabhi" in a positive light. In my movie she is a true Bhabhi who works hard to make sure her devars can be brought up well and removed from poverty. This movie is a tribute to all hard working Indian women and bhabhi's everywhere.

Behind the Scenes - A lot of people worked very hard to make this movie a success. Right from Chintu the chaiwalla on whom the actual character of Chintu is based, to our producer Chandi Ram without whom nothing would have possible. Even though we had only a small budget of 15 lakhs to work with, by using creative techniques like using a Sony Handycam for shooting instead of a movie camera, we managed to complete this movie in a low budget.

Tickets to the premiere

We will be reserving one ticket for the premiere of the movie absolutely free to anyone who signs up to our fan list. It is because of fans that our movie will be a success, so let us thank you by giving you a free ticket to the premier. Lunch will also be served.